Last updated: 11 dicembre 2018

1. Access to the website

Access to the website is possible anonymously or with authentication by username and password.
Through anonymous browsing, it is possible to view the product catalog without indication of the price.
To obtain a username and password it is necessary to request registration using the appropriate form.
The present site is not intended as an e-commerce site but as an online catalog to help the user in the formulation of orders.
For each order there is no contractual obligation on the part of Jolly Softair to make the sale.

2. Registration request

Registration on the site is reserved for retailers or wholesalers who hold VAT numbers.
Any request received by individuals or with an incorrect VAT number will be rejected and all data provided will be deleted.
Jolly Softair reserves the right to refuse or accept any registration request received. In case of refused request all the data provided will be deleted.
For registration it is necessary to provide all the data requested in the form, with the exception of those in which it is expressly indicated as optional.
It is mandatory to attach to the registration request an updated copy of the applicant's chamber of commerce registration or an extract from the companies registry or copy of the operating license. To do this you can use the appropriate field on the registration form or you can send the copy by email to the following address or by fax to the number 00378 (0549) 907400.

3. Prices, photos and technical specification of products in the online catalog

The prices shown on the website may be subject to change without notice, each customer is required to check the prices before confirming each order.
The photos of the products are purely indicative, the products may be modified due to the reference legislation of the importing country.

4. Quantities

For each product in the catalog a semaphore is displayed that determines the availability:

  - Red light (not available)
  - Green light (available)
  - Orange light (last items available)
  - Yellow light (currently not available but incoming)

It is possible for various reasons that an ordered product is no longer available when preparing the order. in this case, Jolly Softair undertakes to contact the customer by e-mail or telephone.

5. Minimum order

In order to confirm an order it is necessary to reach the minimum amount of € 300.00 net of taxes and shipping costs.

6. EU countries sales

Jolly Softair is based in the Republic of San Marino and have an italian tax representative to sell directly from inside the European Union.
Jolly Softair can sell to EU countries without taxes charge. The taxes will be paid directly from the customer in the destination country.

7. Extra-EU countries sales

Jolly Softair is based in the Republic of San Marino, for extra EU sells uses a forwarder that prepare the customs practice.
Custom fees are charged to the customer directly in the invoice.
The prices displayed on the website do not contain indication of taxes.

8. Shipping

Jolly Softair processes orders in order of receipt.
Generally, every order is processed within 24/48 hours of receipt, except for special periods (for example in the period before and after Christmas). Orders with bank transfer payment method will not be shipped until the total amount has been credited to our bank details.
The total order displayed on the checkout page of the website does not contain shipping costs because they are calculated during order preparation based on weight and volume of packages.
Each shipment is accompanied by a valuated transport document for EU sales, and by the accompanying invoice for extra-EU sales.

9. Delivery of goods

Jolly Softair avails itself for deliveries of external courier services: express couriers and, for particularly bulky orders, with couriers specialized in the delivery of pallets.
Delivery times vary depending on the destination of the goods, contact us to know delivery times in your country.

10. Billing

For EU sales the summary invoices are issued at the end of the month and will be send to the customer via email.
For Extra-EU sales the accompanying invoice will follow the shipping of the goods.

11. Payments

Payments are possible only by bank transfer in advance.
After placing the order it is necessary to wait our email with the bank details and copy of the transport document with the final total amount.
The goods will not be shipped until the full amount is credited to our bank details, copies of the online bank transfer receipt do not constitute proof of payment.

12. Assistance

The customer is required to check all the goods purchased within 5 working days from the date of receipt and immediately report any problems to the email address
After this term all the goods are considered intact and functioning.
The customer who finds articles with problems after this period is required to send them to our address, carefully packing each item to avoid damage during transport and inserting the appropriate form correctly filled in the package. The costs of repair or replacement of these items will be borne by Jolly Softair only in the case of obvious manufacturing defects assessed by our technician. Any repairs attempted by the customer will invalidate any type of warranty.